Stop Wrestling
 with Spreadsheets!!

Distribution industry leaders automate data work using machine learning.

Machine learning (ML) models can clean and enrich data far better and faster than manual approaches. That's how Amazon and other industry leaders scale their digital operations. Learn more, because this approach can transform your business too!

This is for you if:

Your team spends hours each week cleaning spreadsheet data

Tender response requires laborious material matching

Supplier file updates take too long, squeezing margins and marketing

Data-driven goals like growing your online catalog never get done

Distributor Data Solutions

Faster, more complete responses win. Focus on value and price, not data prep.

Data work shouldn't cost you the deal

Supplier updates never stop. Acting fast is crucial to margins and marketing.

Automate supplier product and pricing updates

Search ranking and rich product content drive online sales.

Categorize, extend and relate product information

Mobilize your data. Easy access enhances decisions and data quality.

Mobile apps get data into the hands of people that need it and know where it needs to be fixed

WrangleWorks performed data miracles for IESA!

Ben Rose

Head of Continuous Improvement

WrangleWorks thoroughly cleaned and enriched a million material records in a very efficient manner. The resulting reference data and associated ‘matching ’ has accelerated our new customer onboarding process, reducing the cycle time by more than 30%. 

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Automating Data Work

Processing inbound data shouldn't feel like pulling teeth.

Find, extract and standardize product data elements

Duplicates shouldn't be in your product master, and cross-references should. Achieve both with similarity measures.

Identify product duplicates and substitutes

Rich product hierarchies are critical to eCommerce, analytics, and operations. Categorization at scale requires NLP.

Assign products to multiple hierarchies including 3rd party standards such as UNSPSC

Product fluency used to take decades. Now, machines can learn the lingo overnight.

Product data vocabularies free your experts from data work

Inbound files need to be processed ASAP. Do the data work "lights out" with automation.

Automated onboarding of supplier and customer data

Try it out!

Here's a simple example of using Natural Language Processing to extract product attributes from a description.

Enter a product description including attributes such as brand, part code, dimensions etc.

APIs & Orchestration

Wrangling data is easy with APIs. They can retrieve dirty and inject cleaned data into any process or system, including a spreadsheet.

Data work often requires blending multiple data sets. Smart APIs can match and integrate data automagically.

Orchestration of data flows is well suited to the cloud. Well designed pipelines run reliably and  "lights out."

APIs and cloud automation can be deployed and operated with minimal IT investment. 

WrangleWorks offers these ML-powered data enrichment capabilities both  as SaaS and on-premise.

Either way, together we can automate your data work much faster and cost-effectively than you building it all from scratch.

We offer 2 simple, affordable options for deploying these distributor data solutions.

On Premise: we grant you a free perpetual license to our code and collaboratively customize it to your requirements. You operate, extend and support the resulting solutions. Here you only pay for our consulting services.

Hosted: we grant you a SaaS license and collaboratively customize an instance to your requirements. We operate, enhance and support the solutions over time. You pay an annual subscription that includes the initial implementation services.


We have decades of experience deploying advanced analytics into industrial distributors & manufacturers.

Eric Hills


For 20-plus years, I've helped industrial companies adopt tech. WrangleWorks solves distributor data problems, making digital dreams come true.

Alicia Keyes

Program Manager

My career has been rolling out applications for a channel-centric, global manufacturer.  I love helping distributors make the most of their supplier data.

Chris Ince

Chief Architect

Been there, done that (data) for an MRO distributor. We're using the latest cloud tools and ML techniques; doing data 100x faster than typical manual approaches.