Data Wrangling
as a Service

Data work is mission critical, and a big waste of your time. Let us do it for you. Well, not us per se, but our cloud-based Data Wrangling as a Service.  Customized machine learning APIs that can plug into any process or system, including the ubiquitous spreadsheet.  Data Wrangling as a Service replaces data work with information on demand.

Automated data wrangling is the only scalable solution to dirty data. The question is should you do it yourself? No, Data Wrangling as a Service is a better answer.

As with many other business activities, data work can be automated. But unlike simpler activities, data wrangling requires business knowledge.  The system must understand data the same way people do.  That is why current data cleaning approaches such as rules-based tools and overseas outsourcing don’t work.

Automated data wrangling is possible with machine learning models and advanced automation. You could build it if you have lots of time and money, but you don’t have to.  Data Wrangling as a Service is like laundry service for your data: send dirty data out, get rich, reliable data back.

Natural Language Processing models & cloud-based automationData Wrangling as a ServiceExtract & CleanStandardize& CategorizeMatch &MapDirty Data inClean, Rich Databack

Industry-specific Data Wrangling as a Service: Distributor Data Solutions