Eric Hills

As parents can attest, time flies when you’re helping something grow. Such is the case with start-ups too; year 1 is often a blur. Here are my thoughts as we celebrate this milestone at WrangleWorks.

People Power

In the office with our seven-strong team, I’ve almost forgotten what it was like coworking solo last fall. The combined business experience, tech savviness, and youthful energy (ha) of our diverse team is producing great results. Not only have we delivered the first round of projects successfully, but we are also making great progress through our “form, storm, norm and perform” teaming cycle!

Customer Validation

Of all business cliches, perhaps my favorite is “Nothing happens until someone sells something.”  WrangleWorks is proud to have a handful of happy, paying customers. Thanks to them, there’s a lot happening at our company! Not only have we gained profound insights into the real value of rich data, we’ve also initiated a customer-centric learning loop to improve and scale our services.

Ideas to Insights

Twenty plus years seeing enterprise application deployments get hung up on data convinced me of the need for data wrangling services. After pitching and delivering these services to real people with specific challenges, it’s clear that the need is widespread but solving it requires focus. Thanks to dozens of conversations with industrial companies, we have locked in on a specific and pervasive data problem that we can address 10X better than the status quo. In Geoffrey Moore speak, WrangleWorks is knocking down our first bowling pin!


Another cliche I embrace is “spend company money like it’s your own.” By bootstrapping the startup phase, we’ve established a genuine ownership mindset from the start. Even if we decide to take outside capital, this discipline will serve us well as we prioritize investments in IP and sales growth.

Onward, Upward in ’20

We’ve got even bigger plans for year two, starting with growing the customer base 4-fold. WrangleWorks refined sweet spot is helping B2B companies clean and enrich product and pricing data for applications and analytics. If there’s a data-dependent project in front of you, consider contacting us

We’re ready to wrangle!