Alicia Keyes

How often do we get the chance to join a group of innovative people who are using technology to solve messy problems? I have recently joined the WrangleWorks team as a Program Manager, which basically means doing what I can to attract new customers and ensure existing customers are delighted with our service. 

The WrangleWorks secret sauce is using semantics, natural language processing and machine learning to clean and enrich commercial data – such as customer and product information — to support enterprise applications and analytics. The purpose of clean master data is to be useful to an application, so you get the full value from your software tools.  We make that happen via a process known as data wrangling

My delight in joining this company comes from completely understanding the frustrations related to messy data that can’t be trusted. I was in a global corporation that had different flavors of product and customer master data depending upon the country or business group. Trying to do pricing analytics and optimization across countries was very challenging. To find a company that enables a structured way of managing master data so it remains useful and relevant is very exciting.  To be able to bring this technology to other businesses, companies of all sizes, is satisfying and energizing.

This is why I joined WrangleWorks.