Alicia Keyes

“WrangleWorks performed some data miracles for IESA!”, says Ben Rose, Head of Continuous Improvement. “Their product data wrangling cleaned and enriched a million material records in a very efficient manner. The resulting reference product data and associated ‘matching process’ has accelerated our new customer onboarding process, reducing the cycle time by more than 30%. In tandem the product data wrangling has lowered our procurement costs and increased our onboarding bandwidth, enhancing the top and bottom line.”

IESA Ltd is an international business process outsourcing organisation, part of Electrocomponents plc, a global multichannel provider of industrial and electronic products and services. IESA provides a full range of outsourced procurement services using an ERP (SAP) platform.  The ability to efficiently manage their product data (material codes, brands and suppliers) is critical to their success.

WrangleWorks helped IESA standardize their product descriptions — increasing purchasing power — and enrich the product data by adding standard UNSPSC descriptions and codes — increasing procurement and ecommerce agility. Project manager Alicia Keyes explains that WrangleWorks product data wrangling uses machine learning, including natural language processing, to clean and enrich data far faster than manual approaches. “Data wrangling as a service is our turnkey approach to provisioning rich, reliable data into commercial systems and analytics.”

“We were skeptical that an outside company could make sense of our product data. In the end, they accomplished more in a few months than we had been able to do ourselves in years,” says Ben Rose.

Business impact: a fast, scalable, cost-effective approach to commercial data excellence, supporting more efficient procurement, sales, and operations.